Strategic Objectives

The central aim of the Hub is to produce a concentrated multidisciplinary research on multilingual education and multilingual literacies in order to drive theory and pedagogy  and influence policy making and public opinionSpecific objectives include:


  • Engage in interdisciplinary research on reading  and writing literacy interfaces in a range of languages;
  • Enhance critical scholarship on the efficacy of translanguaging as an alternative pedagogy for multilingual classrooms;

Accelerate the development of the next generation of scholars on cognitive and identity pathways

Policy Making and Advocacy

  • To advocate for inclusive literacy practices in schools and multilingual policies and planning initiatives
  • Generate ongoing public dialogue on multilingual education and multilingual literacies

Pedagogy-Teaching and Learning

  • Design edumetric assessment tools and benchmarks for literacy development in African languages and English.
  • Produce large scale multilingual literacies trajectories over longer intervals.
  • Prepare in- and pre-service teachers to work in multilingual contexts.