List of current student topics

HuMEL is a home for PhD and Masters students from many parts of the world. The current student topics include:

Bi-literacy development in the foundation phase: an examination of reading comprehension level of text types.

Reading development in IsiXhosa L1 and English L2 classes: The efficacy of translanguaging techniques in primary schools.

The construction of Stance and Reader Engagement in Academic Genres: an exploration/analysis of interpersonal meaning students in a South African University within levels of multilingualism.

Exploring Sociocultural Writing Strategies in Academic Writing Classroom: A Case Study of First-year Students.

Reading and practices in Xitsonga and English among the grade 3-4 learners in the remote rural primary schools of Limpopo province.

Progressive Reading Comprehension Trajectories among English as an Additional Language first year Strategic Communication and Public Relations students in a South African University.

Complex translingual approaches in Sepedi corpus development at the University of Limpopo.

Strategies for reading development among Sesotho-English bilinguals: Efficacy of Translanguaging.

A Social Constructivist Approach to Writing Centre practice: The challenges of raising academic genre awareness through group writing consultations.

Translanguaging in Rwandan classrooms: case of multilingual practices in two secondary schools.

The prevalence of translanguaging in Mauritian Higher Education.

Reading comprehension strategies of l2 learners in private south African primary schools: Implications for language in education policy.