Capacity Building

Investment in Research

HuMEL invests in the generation of future researchers on multilingual literacy encounters. There are 22 funded postgraduate students affiliated to the Centre through grant-holder linked bursaries. They attend supervision and writing retreats under the mentorship of expert researchers in the field. In addition, the Centre has Resident Researchers Programme that includes advanced PhD students and postdoc fellows to write academic articles through a tutelage from experienced researchers.


Internationalization through visiting Distinguished Scholars and exchange programmes is key to the goals of the Centre’s drive to advance the field. We have an open call for distinguished scholars to collaborate and co-produce research and development projects.

Community Engagement

Through community participatory action research, the Centre engages with communities as an equal partner (researching with, ‘not on,’ the communities) to bring about sustainable multilingual literacy initiatives. In-service teacher support projects, literacy camps, province and district-wide intervention projects, and engagement with the elderly members of the communities are central functions of the Centre.